Moxie Subscription Plan

When you purchase Moxie, you’re not only getting a revolutionary new companion that will promote your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development; you also get an ENTIRE ecosystem to help support you and your child on your journey with Moxie.

Regular Content & Feature Updates

Moxie is no ordinary robot! Moxie uses data to engage in natural conversation, personalize content over time, and track behavioral progress. All of these functions require encrypted and secure state-of-the-art cloud-based services which have ongoing costs of operation. Your subscription includes unlimited use of these cloud computing resources so you're completely covered!

New Content and Features

Your child will get to experience regularly updated stories, activities and missions with Moxie that will promote their social, emotional, and cognitive growth through fun, play-based learning.  

Embodied Moxie Parent App

Our parent app provides a dashboard that allows you to:

  • Gain unique insights into how your child is progressing with Moxie

  • Receive curated tips and suggestions, from our child development experts, to help support you and your child

  • Manage your child’s use of Moxie (such as setting controls for bed time)

  • Set preferences such as volume control or accessibility settings

Global Robotics Laboratory Kids Portal

Our online kids portal (Global Robotics Laboratory) is a fun addition that allows your child to explore more about the G.R.L. and the other robots that live there. Your child will be able to access:

  • Additional games and activities

  • Printables that they can use for activities and missions with Moxie

  • Their record of achievements gained in completing missions and activities with Moxie

All of these items are included with a subscription and make the whole Moxie experience magical for your child while providing parents support along the way!