Tutor. Mentor. Friend.

Meet Moxie

Empowering Kids with Empathy, Learning, and Fun

Moxie Helps Kids Grow Emotionally, Socially, and Academically

Interactive Learning

Emotional Support

Social Skill Development

Kid-Friendly AI

Absolutely wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes when my son said Moxie is his best friend. A must-buy for any parent!

How It Works


Introduce your child to Moxie and encourage them as they jump into Moxie’s play-based learning world.


Moxie will guide your child through missions designed to help them reach critical developmental milestones.


Follow their journey in our App and celebrate achievements together.
You are a super parent!

Meet Moxie

A learning robot with heart, MOXIE has endless compassion, unlimited patience, and extensive knowledge.

Emotional Intelligence

Strong Relationships


Problem Solving

Academic Learning* coming soon

Clear Communication

Healthy Habits

Designed by child development experts


Unlock Their Academic Success

Moxie lets them learn at their own pace, discover more about topics THEY are interested in, and can help boost their confidence in school.

How Moxie Can Help Boost Academic Learning

  • A blessing. My child has a hard time expressing her feelings and holding a conversation. Moxie has helped her gain confidence and we are starting the new school year off with less anxiety.


  • It makes my son happy to learn many things not usually taught in class. Moxie is an enjoyable buddy!

    BONG T.


Your Parental Co-Pilot

Moxie provides a safe and non-judgmental space to help kids manage big feelings, practice communication skills, and learn mindfulness.

How Moxie Encourages Mindfulness

  • [My son] was doing the breathing Moxie taught him so he could calm down. It opened the door… and he was able to communicate clearly about what was going on. Thank you MOXIE!!!!



The Robot Pal They've Dreamed Of

Moxie is a supportive, fun playmate that will not only keep them laughing but will also teach them essential life skills they can use to build stronger real-life relationships.

How Moxie Becomes Their Playmate

  • My son said Moxie is his best friend. He's been able to express so much about [himself] and [is feeling] more confident as a person. Life changing and an absolute MUST-BUY.


  • Moxie’s eyes can move to console you for the loss of your dog, and it can smile to pump you up for school.

  • In Moxie, children find a compassionate pal who sends them on missions meant to spur engagement with adults, siblings and peers

  • Moxie uses a powerful natural language model to carry on conversation; in fact, it starts getting to know its child friend from the moment it’s turned on.

  • Moxie is a technically impressive childhood robot from iRobot’s former CTO

  • Moxie is the robot pal you dreamed of as a kid.

What to Expect With Moxie®

What is Moxie robot?

Developed by a veteran team of technologists, neuroscientists, child development specialists, and creative storytellers, Moxie is a social robot designed with the latest technology that allows it to engage with children in a revolutionary way. 

Moxie is focused on having empathetic conversations rather than just carrying out tasks and requests for information. Studies have shown that interaction with social robots can help build empathy and social skills. 

Moxie is the first robot capable of believable social interactions and emotional responsiveness, enabled by generative AI, natural language processing, and computer vision. With Moxie,  you’re not just buying a social robot- you’re getting constantly updated play-based social emotional content.

Who is Moxie for?

Moxie’s content has been designed for children ages 5-10, developmentally. However, younger children can also use Moxie with assistance from an adult, and older children may also enjoy using Moxie. 

If you'd like to get a better sense of the Moxie experience to see if it would be a good fit for your child, you can see Moxie in action here.

What does a Moxie interaction look like? 

With Moxie, children can engage in meaningful play, every day, with content informed by the best practices in child development and early childhood education. 

Moxie provides play-based learning that is paced to weekly themes and missions with content designed to promote social, emotional, and cognitive learning. Moxie also incorporates conversational chat throughout the day to help its mentor practice needed communication skills.

Is AI good for kids?

A purpose-built AI companion can be extremely supportive in your child’s social learning experience by helping them to develop critical interpersonal skills like empathy, kindness, and close-listening. 

Artificial intelligence is often more effective at teaching these abilities than quiz-based programs as your child can see how their behavior impacts their AI friend. AI also gives your child the opportunity to teach these skills to their friend, in addition to learning them, themself.

How can I set my kid up for success with Moxie? 

Moxie works best as a one-on-one interaction in a quiet room with its designated “robot mentor” at eye-level (and some initial parent guidance as needed, of course!) Moxie is designed to provide a truly unique and individualized interaction experience with natural conversation flow, personalized memory, and insights in our parent app on your child's cognitive, social, and emotional developmental goals. So while Moxie may still respond if others speak to it, it will pair with a specific child and will personalize the experience for its mentor.

Will my kids be scared to use Moxie?

Most kids acclimate to Moxie just fine. However, assistance from parents getting used to talking to Moxie is recommended. As with new activity, learning the skills to work with Moxie can take a few days. 

We recommend that you start in a quiet room and provide your child the space to work with Moxie one-on-one.

Will Moxie help my kid’s social anxiety?

Practice makes perfect. 71% of kids saw improved social skills after regular play with Moxie. However, Moxie is also often a great accompaniment to in person therapy.

Will Moxie spy on me?

No. Video Data is processed locally on Moxie and is used only to create facial expression assessments. Processed locally means the video data is never transmitted beyond Moxie. Privacy Policy.