Our Culture

Culture​ at Embodied, Inc.

  • We care about people and the future of our shared human experience
  • We are not afraid to pursue problems just because they seem hard
  • We expect independent decision-making by employees
  • We share information openly, broadly and deliberately
  • We are extraordinarily candid with each other and celebrate diversity
  • We retain people who respect and protect our culture

Embodied provides an exciting environment for high-performance, passionate, self-motivated individuals to excel as part of a collaborative team focused on transforming human-robot interaction to positively improve human experience.

At Embodied, we expect all employees to participate in open, honest, ethical and collaborative exchange that prioritizes productivity over politics and effective results over arbitrary process.

We work best with people who are searching for opportunities that will deeply challenge their abilities. People who seek the kind of experiences, education and rewards that can only be found in the pursuit of personal excellence and out of a desire to make positive impact in the world.

We believe in the power and necessity of diversity and strongly encourage personal expression, debate and divergent opinions in the context of a professional and respectful environment.

We are our biggest critics because identifying weaknesses in our team, process and products gives us desired insights into where we can improve.

We are excited to be working to create positive social impact through robotics and motivated by the opportunity to innovate and discover solutions to complex challenges others have not been able to find.

We recognize that solving complex challenges involves hard work, experimentation and failure. So we focus on failing fast and iterating to success. Having a positive, agile, ready-for-anything attitude is a baseline team expectation.

We value time. We demand change if it is ever wasted. Time is the only thing we spend once and we are mindful of how we're using every moment.

Finally, we share a passion to have a big impact on the future of humankind. Everything we do is in service to a mission of delivering products to change lives.

If this describes the kind of workplace in which you thrive, visit our Careers page for current openings as we would love to explore the possibilities of working together to change the world.