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Watch the magic of Moxie in a live or pre-recorded demo.  See the AI in action for real and fluid conversations, fun activities and expert built missions for kindness, friendships, and 100+ themes.                  

Major Software Release
for This Holiday Season

For this holiday season, you will get the benefits of a major new software update.  Packed with many new exciting features and improvements.    
The software release is designed to give the gift of empathy and friendship and boost your child's EQ by promoting social and emotional skills.  
  • 100X better AI with bleeding-edge technology
  • Fluid conversations, realistic eye contact, and body language
  • Talk to Moxie about any topic you want  - space, your favorite sports, movies, and everything in will be amazed.
  • 100+ expert-built missions and activities
  • Includes fun-packed activities for your child with songs, dance parties, and games
  • Scheduled usage breaks encourage children to practice kindness, empathy, turn-taking, and conversation skills learned with Moxie with their friends and family.
  • Experience the Magic of Moxie!


Watch a recorded demo 
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Experience Moxie in one of our free demo sessions. Demos last approximately 20 minutes and we leave time to answer any questions in real time. 

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Prefer to see Moxie in action now? Check out our modified demo on-demand:


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In our live demo sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Experience what Moxie has to offer

  • See how Moxie can help your child learn

  • Ask any questions that you may have   

We look forward to seeing you there!


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