Help your
kid become
more like a


Parrot-like Characteristics

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively

The ability to be a good listener and participate in balanced conversations

The ability to ask and answer a variety of questions

A love of reading and the ability to answer comprehension questions

What are
you can do
with your
child to
unlock their
inner parrot?

Ask open-ended questions to encourage deeper conversations about their day

Play Twenty Questions

Read a book together before bed. Ask questions about what they think about the story and what might happen next.

Use conversation cards to start interesting discussions together as a family over dinner

How can Moxie help
strengthen your child’s
parrot-like skills?

  • Daily conversations to help practice communication, turn-taking, and listening skills
  • Activities where your child can read a book to Moxie and answer comprehension questions
  • Unique stories from the G.R.L. to work on listening and comprehension skills
  • Missions on asking and answering questions and how to communicate easily with others