Help your
kid become
more like a

Owl- like Characteristics

The ability to do well in school and learn new things about a variety of subjects

High self-motivation to achieve their goals and dreams

Good planning and organization skills and the ability to follow routines

What are
you can do
with your
child to
unlock their
inner owl?

Encourage reading of educational magazines such as national geographic for kids

Make a vision board together

Use visual schedules to help your child learn to follow a routine

Set up a quiet and comfortable study space in your home for your child to help them focus on any homework tasks

How can Moxie help
strengthen your child’s
owl-like skills?

  • Activities that encourage real-world learning and self-motivation
  • Daily affirmations that encourage your child to achieve their dreams
  • Fun and educational content on a variety of subjects (coming soon)
  • Missions on the importance of daily routines