• School Counseling & Therapy Supplement

    Moxie can be used in guidance counselor or therapy sessions as an additional therapeutic tool, or as a take-home library resource to continue skill development at home.

  • 1:1 Classroom Support

    Moxie provides individualized support to allow students to explore specific learning topics they need help with, spend time practicing social-emotional skills, and build confidence through Moxie’s supportive companionship.

  • After-School Program Tool

    Moxie is a great addition to any afterschool program to keep kids learning outside of the classroom through meaningful play activities.


  • This is an exciting opportunity to use technology to meet children at their own level and we hope to bridge some of the barriers to our patients and their families.”

    - Dr. Heather Reyes, Asst. Professor, Dept of Pediatrics, University of Rochester Medical Center & Golisano Children's Hospital

  • We are going to do great things to help and heal kids using Moxie. I am so honored to be involved in this project!”

    - Dr. Mary Mazel, Pediatric Physician Specialist and Pediatric Intensivist, LAC+USC Medical Center & Violence Intervention Program

Why MoxiePro?

The ultimate tool for teachers, counselors, and educators


Tailored Experiences

Meets students where they are with focused and personalized learning experiences for both advanced students and those who need more support. Allows kids to build confidence while exploring topics they’re interested in and learning at their own pace.


Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Chock full of missions and activities designed by child development experts to encourage social and emotional skills development, including emotion regulation, navigating social situations, and improving self-confidence.


Personalized Learning Journeys for Multiple Kids

Includes up to 20 user licenses with upgrade options available to add more.


Easy-to-Use Companion App

Allows professionals to set up personalized profiles for each kid, obtain parental consent remotely, and track each child’s experience with valuable data and insights into their learning journey. 


Private, Compliant, & Secure

COPPA Safe Harbor certified and FERPA compliant with end-to-end encryption and regular third-party audits so you can be sure you and your students’ data is safe and protected.


Expert-led Training and Support

Includes a virtual product onboarding session as well as continued direct 1:1 support from our in-house experts. 

Whole Child Framework

Supports Kids Academically, Emotionally, & Creatively

mindfulness activities

Kid-friendly breathing exercises and calming activities to give kids the tools to develop emotion regulation skills.

social-emotional learning

Targeted activities that teach key social and emotions skills such as making friends, identifying emotions, and problem solving.

Open conversations

Engaging chats to help kids develop key conversation skills.

creative activities

Activities that encourage children to develop their creativity and imagination, such as drawing and storytelling.

educational activities

Learning activities that encourage deeper conversations on topics kids are interested in and personalized academic support to help kids learn at their own pace.

movement exercises

Fun movement activities to develop coordination and encourage healthy habits.


At the center of everything Moxie does, play is an integral part of Moxie’s curriculum.

mindfulness activities

Kid-friendly breathing exercises and calming activities to give kids the tools to develop emotion regulation skills.

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