Moxie For Schools

Moxie Robot reads kids body language and emotional response to lessons, offering the genuine encouragement of a coach with the knowledge of the world’s smartest tutor!

Moxie Robot is the fun way to help kids work through kids emotions and develop independent learning skills through conversational play.

Learning Beyond an App


93% of communication is non-verbal. Unlike learning apps, Moxie robot responds to kids’ response to learning and provides support socially, emotionally and academically.

Guide Students, Don’t Just Hand Them Answers


Moxie is programmed to coach kids to think through answers using the socratic method and won’t just provide students’ answers.

Manage Big Amotions & Provide 1:1 Support


Moxie is an awesome tool for behavioral intervention in the classroom. Moxie offers missions that foster emotional intelligence and character education. Inspired by CASEL, Moxie supports kids in navigating friendships, managing emotions, exploring different perspective and coping with stress.

Patient Teaching at Each Student’s Pace


Moxie offers students endless patience and helps them work through new concepts and ideas at their own pace.

How Moxie for Schools Works

1. Assign a student in the Moxie app by name

2. Select your grade level. Moxie offers content customized for grade levels K-5.

3. Plan a 10-15 min session. Select from SEL learning mode for behavioral coaching or Academic learning mode for tutoring.

4. Moxies personalizes coaching approach and learning curriculum to help students to become a confident, capable learner.

5. Track progress of each students’ session in the teacher portal.

Use Cases

Student Intervention That’s Proactive & Positive

One student with behavioral challenges can disrupt learning for the entire class. Moxie offers teachers a non-punitive way to support struggling students 1:1 without compromising the flow of a lesson plan.

Support & Motivate Independent Learning in the Classroom

Make the most out of independent learning breakouts, small group instruction and learning stations in your classroom. Moxie keeps kids engaged and on track, while providing support.

Reward Students with Moxie Home Check-out

Rotating Moxie among students for home check-out is a fun way to help kids practice social skills, learn to have conversations with AI, and enjoy learning adventures across science, reading, social skills and more.