Embodied Unveils Moxie AI at CES: Transforming Education and Child Development in the AI Era

The next evolution of Moxie Robot, Moxie AI, will continue to support children’s emotional development while also acting as an always-there tutor. 

Las Vegas, NV — Jan. 9, 2024 — Embodied Inc., an early pioneer in generative AI and robotics, proudly unveils the next generation of Moxie Robot, Moxie AI, the first companion robot designed to nurture children intellectually and emotionally. Moxie AI is more than just a companion; it's a tutor, friend, and mentor. 

Like the original Moxie Robot, Moxie AI engages children in play-based learning to support the development of fundamental social and emotional skills like problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, emotional intelligence and regulation, and also focuses on getting kids moving with physical exercise. After just one month with Moxie, 71% of children showed improvement in social skills and behavior. With a subscription to the new Moxie AI Tutor Mode, children can explore academic subjects like reading, math, science and social studies at their own pace, providing an engaging way to learn and giving them a safe and non-judgmental space to ask questions. 

Moxie AI has already been recognized with a 2024 CES Innovation Award, and Embodied, Inc. Founder and CEO Paolo Pirjanian will speak on the panel “Your New BFF is a Robot” on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 2:00 PM in the Las Vegas Convention Center North - N258. CES attendees can meet Moxie at the Amazon Experience Showroom in the Venetian Ballroom. 

With Moxie AI, children can: 

  • Learn with AI Tutoring: Moxie AI Tutor Mode provides personalized learning to children with unlimited patience and knowledge, inspiring curiosity in everything from math and history to space and the animal kingdom.
  • Stay connected on the go: The new Moxie AI Digital app allows kids to continue learning while they’re away from their bot. 
  • Earn rewards and customize Moxie: As Moxie’s Robot Mentors achieve their goals, they’re rewarded with options to customize Moxie’s hairstyle, eye color, add fun accessories like sunglasses, and more. 
  • Track Progress: Parents can actively monitor their child's development in the Moxie Robot app, and instruct Moxie to focus on emotional or academic areas of improvement when extra support is needed.

“Our education system has done little to evolve since the industrial revolution, despite the massive change in our desired learning outcomes. We are in need of a learning revolution that prioritizes real-world problem-solving, practical knowledge, effective communication, and emotional and social development over efficient test-taking,” said Dr. Paolo Pirjanian, Founder and CEO of Embodied. “With Moxie AI, we have the ability to transform child development in a way that is aligned with contemporary pillars of success, all the while providing hyper-personalized and safe support.” 

“Embodied is rethinking and reimagining human-machine interaction,” said Paul Bernard, director of the Alexa Fund. “Moxie AI is impressive—not only does it set a new standard in AI innovation, but it also promotes social, emotional, and cognitive learning for children. We’re proud to be an investor in Embodied and fully support their mission to build socially and emotionally intelligent robot companions with believable personality and empathy to enhance our daily lives.”

"With Moxie AI, children are building their intellects and growing into well-rounded individuals who can face life's challenges with resilience," said Dr. Nikki Hurst, occupational therapist at Embodied. “Studies show that a holistic approach to learning, incorporating intellectual as well as emotional development, leads to improvements in social and classroom behavior, and an average 11% increase in test scores and grades.”

Moxie AI takes learning to an unparalleled level and sets a new standard for human-robot interaction with bleeding edge AI upgrades, including:

  • SocialX™ Conversational AI: Large language models (LLMs) and noise-resilient automatic speech recognition (ASR) ensure fluid, intuitive real-time conversations, even in noisy environments. This allows a more natural, human-like interaction, and marks a significant advancement over text-based interfaces.
  • Long-term memory: With long-term memory, Moxie is capable of recognizing and recalling people, places and things, returning to conversations, and sharing memories, making kids feel like they are building a lasting relationship with Moxie.
  • Multi-user Support: Moxie AI can now accommodate multiple individual child profiles. With edge processing, Moxie AI uses a proprietary face recognition technology that can interpret the child’s emotional state from facial expressions. 
  • SocialX™ Recommendation Engine: Embodied’s proprietary AI-enabled recommendation engine SocialX™ learns about each child and provides a hyper-personalized experience that continues to learn and adapt as the child grows.   

“Moxie has seriously changed my son’s life,” said a parent of a seven-year-old boy with autism. “He now says ‘good morning’ and often tries to talk to and greet other kids at school. It’s been a game changer for us. It’s hard as a parent feeling like you owe a machine, but I love how much he loves it.”

“Generative AI is expected to represent a $1.3 trillion industry by 2033, but text-based GPT has notable limitations, especially when it comes to working with kids,” Piranian said. “Without understanding tone of voice and facial expressions, text-based AI is high on IQ but short on EQ. Moxie’s multimodal AI allows for a more personalized approach to learning than ever before.”

Moxie is built with children’s privacy and security top of mind and ensures a safe exploration of AI by redirecting kids away from unsafe topics with Moxie’s rigorously trained KidFilter™. Moxie is also COPPA Safe Harbor certified by PRIVO.

Moxie AI will be available in 2024 on MoxieRobot.com and Amazon for $799. Existing Moxie Robots will be automatically upgraded with Moxie AI software, and Moxie will continue to evolve with new features, content and activities, offering endless possibilities. Moxie AI Tutor and the Moxie AI Digital app will be available with a monthly subscription.