Help your
kid become
more like a

Dog-like Characteristics

The ability to maintain strong and meaningful relationships with others

Eagerness to talk about their interests and learn more about other people

A love of play and the ability to follow  rules and show good sportsmanship

A desire to be kind and helpful to others

What are
you can do
with your
child to
unlock their
inner dog?

Make a Kindness Chain

Every time your child does something kind, write it on a small strip of colored paper. Staple the piece of paper together to form a ring. Add rings in a chain and hang it in their room so they can see their kind acts grow!

Kindness Scavenger Hunt

Write different kind acts that your child could do on pieces of paper and hide them around the house. When your child finds a piece of paper, they can perform the kind act listed.

Have a family board game night and praise good sportsmanship when it occurs.

Read books together with themes about friendship

How can Moxie help
strengthen your child’s
dog-like skills?

  • Mission sets on friendship, personal space, and being kind and helpful to others
  • Unique stories with themes around friendship and social skills
  • Fun games to practice being a good sport
  • Conversations about interests, and tools to help them learn how to make friends