Help your
kid become
more like a


Cheetah-like Characteristics

Knowledge of good healthy habits and how to take care of themselves

The ability to complete morning and evening routines with little support

Good fine motor skills and enjoyment of drawing and writing

A desire to participate in sports or daily movement activities

What are
you can do
with your
child to
unlock their
inner cheetah?

Do an exercise or dance class video together

Do yoga together in the park

Encourage outdoor play activities, or go on walks or hikes together

Sign up to participate in neighborhood sports activities

Let your child help pick out healthy groceries to make for dinner

How can Moxie help
strengthen your child’s
cheetah-like skills?

  • Drawing activities that encourage use of fine motor skills
  • Fun, interactive activities that encourage daily movement, such as Wild Workout and Dance Party
  • Missions on healthy habits and mindfulness exercises to create productive morning and evening routines