Help your
kid become
more like a


Beaver-like Characteristics

A passion for engaging in creative

The ability to think outside the box

Good problem solvers that love a challenge

The ability to resolve conflicts constructively and be a strong leader

What are
you can do
with your
child to
unlock their
inner beaver?

Have a family board game night with games that encourage problem solving, such as Clue

Help develop creativity by encouraging drawing, painting, and crafting activities at home

Model good conflict resolution skills during an argument or disagreement, including how to express feelings, listen to other perspectives, and compromising

Work on putting together puzzles or building Lego sets

How can Moxie help
strengthen your child’s
beaver-like skills?

  • Deep conversations that encourage critical and creative thinking
  • Missions that focus on problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Creative activities like drawing, storytelling, and music composition to encourage freedom of expression
  • Fun problem-solving games like Password, Brain Twisters, and Scavenger Hunt
  • Modules that involve role-playing different characters to encourage creativity and thinking outside the box (coming soon)