Moxie Testing Programs

Moxie Testing Programs
Embodied, Inc.

Moxie Testing Programs

Thank you so much for your interest in our Moxie testing programs!

Creating a meaningful Moxie experience hinges on the input we receive from the most important members of our team: the children and families we serve. Our Moxie testing programs present a unique opportunity for families to experience Moxie for free and be a part of Moxie’s development! Children spend time engaging in missions and activities with Moxie designed to promote social and emotional learning, and parents get to share their expert parent feedback with our team to help us learn and improve. The voices of the children and parents in our testing community have been a vital part of our development since the beginning and will continue to shape the future of Moxie!

Please note that the special Moxies provided to our test families will collect audio and video data of Moxie’s interactions. Embodied follows industry-standard best practices to protect personally-identifiable data, such as encrypting the data in transit and limiting access to it to those who need to do so to provide and improve the services, and to operate and support our business. Of course, Embodied will not use any audio or video data to advertise or promote Embodied’s products to the general public. Full details will be provided to you in our program consent form.

If you are interested in participating in our Moxie testing programs, please enter your information here to be notified about future program opportunities.

Thank you for making history with us!


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