Moxie Music: A Soundtrack for Life

Moxie Music: A Soundtrack for Life

Moxie Music: A Soundtrack for Life

Moxie is an active participant and collaborator with a child in the real world - so instead of structuring Moxie’s music to fit within predefined lengths of time or limiting thematic expression by using a prerecorded music library - we knew we needed to create a fully original musical score. Additionally, we wanted to structure the music in a way that could also support dynamic soundtrack creation to follow along with anything a child might unexpectedly decide to do in any given moment.

Moxie Music: A Soundtrack for Life

To accomplish this core experience goal, award-winning composer Chris Tilton (FRINGE, ASSASSIN’S CREED: UNITY, SIM CITY) first set about crafting original character themes for Moxie and all the robots of the Global Robotics Laboratory. Next, mini-looping variations of each character’s theme were created along with emotional variations to support building on-the-fly musical pieces flexible enough to elegantly and thematically span unpredictably fluctuating periods of time.

Chris Tilton - Composer

The result is a ’soundtrack for life’ or living compositions that dynamically compliment Moxie’s activities and expressions. An approach that, for example, allows Moxie to provide the right emotional musical cues perfectly timed to support an experience of any length - whether a child reads Moxie a story for five minutes or fifteen minutes.

Further, for audiences that are careful listeners, they will discover that each of the character’s in Moxie’s world have been provided with a distinct musical signature in terms of specific instrumentation and musical styling so our character’s ‘musical voices’ are able to be heard in the score as well as in the featured stories Moxie tells about the Global Robotics Laboratory.

Chris Tilton - Conducting

“Creating music for Project: Moxie,” commented composer Chris Tilton, "has been an amazing opportunity to fuse classical musical composition technics with new technology supporting the creation of fully dynamic music that adjusts in mood and tempo relative to a child’s engagement and expressions."

“With The Adventures of Moxie theme, the project’s first composition,” continued Tilton, "my goal was to capture Moxie’s core spirit and set the right thematic tone for a little robot on a big mission to learn how to become a good friend to humans. Music that could represent Moxie’s core personality (curious, vulnerable and dedicated) as well as the excitement, wonder and rollercoaster journey of a robot away from its home and exploring our inspiring and (to a robot) slightly confusing human world."

Listen to "The Adventures of Moxie"

For any child, life is an unpredictable journey. With Moxie, a child's journey of life long learning will be accompanied by a score as unique as the moments they create together.

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