Focus on Children

Focus on Children
Embodied, Inc.


Embodied’s moonshot mission has always focused on helping and revolutionizing child development through Moxie.  Moxie is a non-judgmental AI friend and the first of its kind to promote essential life skills for kids.  AI robot companions have many use cases today, but founder and CEO Paolo Pirjanian wanted to ensure that the focus is on children first.  

“As a child who has experienced adversities, I have always found joy in trying to help the youth. It’s always been part of my ethos.  We need well-adjusted, well-educated, and thoughtful children to build a better future. They will be future leaders, scientists, parents, and teachers. Building a foundation with education, ethics, and compassion is key to creating a better future world.”

Paolo’s altruistic vision helped pave the way for a partnership between Embodied and the Focus On Children Now Charity.  “FCN is dedicated to helping impoverished children access the basic necessities of life through humanitarian, education, nutrition, and health programs.”  

Paolo recently returned from a trip to Armenia to visit with some of the Embodied teammates who helped bring Moxie to life.  While there, he had a firsthand experience with a group of school-aged children positively impacted by FCN and their efforts.

Embodied plans to continue supporting charities, like FCN, that help children facing poverty and political upheaval.  


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