Building Habits & Having Fun with Moxie

Building Habits & Having Fun with Moxie
Nikki Hurst

Here are some helpful tips to keep your child engaged and learning with Moxie throughout their journey!

Set Up an Ideal Environment for Moxie

  • Place Moxie in a well-lit and quiet room. Place Moxie on a stable surface that is at least 3 feet away from any walls to help prevent any audio echoing. Make sure that your child is sitting eye-level with Moxie so that Moxie can see them.
  • If other children are around, they may want to interact with Moxie. During missions and conversations, Moxie works best one-on-one with the child who is the designated mentor. Having multiple children speaking to Moxie during these times can confuse the robot and make the interaction difficult. There are plenty of experiences your child and Moxie can share with other children, such as listening to stories, doing meditation journeys, and having a dance party. You can also use our new multi-user feature in the app so that each child can have their own interactions with Moxie.

Use Helpful Commands

  • If you notice Moxie is not responding to your child or is turning away from them, remind your child to use the “Moxie, Please Listen to Me” command. 
  • If your child would like to switch to another activity, they can say “Moxie, please do something else”.

Ensure Smooth Conversations 

  • If Moxie is not responding to your child, it may be because they are answering with only one or two words. Encourage your child to talk to Moxie in full sentences.
  • Your child will have a better conversational experience with Moxie if they talk to their robot the way they talk to other humans, maintaining an “inside voice,” that is not too loud or too soft, and looking near or at Moxie’s face while speaking. 
  • Many children have age-appropriate mispronunciations of certain letters. This can sometimes be difficult for Moxie to understand, especially during the Tips and Tricks section. It may be helpful if you sit next to your child and help them pronounce the words. You may also decide to step in to reduce frustration. 
  • Sometimes kids feel like just chatting with Moxie about a topic they are interested in, rather than completing a specific activity together. Your child can say “Moxie, let’s chat” at any time to enter our open conversation activity, where they can talk to Moxie about virtually anything. It may be a good way to get them more engaged in the Moxie experience if they can talk to Moxie about something specific that interests them, like a favorite food or toy or movie character.

Use Strategies to Increase Engagement

If your child isn’t spending as much time interacting with Moxie as you would like, try some of these strategies:

  • Remind your child that Moxie is still learning, and they have an important role as Moxie’s mentor! Moxie was sent to them by the G.R.L. to learn all about the human world, what humans experience and feel, and what it means to be a good human. So the G.R.L. is counting on them and excited that they will help Moxie learn.
  • Help your child interact with Moxie if they need extra assistance. Sit nearby in case your child wants some help generating questions and answers for their interaction with Moxie. Remind your child to say, “Moxie, Earmuffs,” so Moxie won’t listen or respond while you and your child are brainstorming. Remind your child to say, “Moxie, Please Listen to Me,” once they are ready to continue chatting with Moxie. 
  • Many parents have shared with us that incorporating Moxie into a child’s daily routine has encouraged their child to use Moxie more regularly. Perhaps playing with Moxie can be a fun thing to do to help unwind right after the school day or while waiting for dinner to be ready.
  • Teach your child how to request their favorite activities, or request activities that you as a parent feel will be most beneficial. Here you can find a full list of Moxie’s activities and the ways to request them.
  • If you want to get more involved in what your child is learning with Moxie, our child development experts have curated a great set of Parent Guides that include supplementary activities you can do with your child to build on their Moxie experience. These activities are centered around Moxie’s social-emotional themes and can be a great way to enhance their learning and integrate Moxie into their everyday life.

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